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January Birthstone, Crystals, and Their Meanings

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People born in January have the birthstone of garnet. Garnet is a deep red stone that is said to bring good luck and success. It is also thought to be a protective stone that can help keep the wearer safe from harm. Another January birthstone is the emerald. The emerald is a deep green stone that is said to promote peace and tranquility. It can also protect its wearer from negative energy with the help of the earth goddess, Gaia.

The birthstones we’ve explained today all have their own meanings and properties. So, whether you need protection from anxiety or want to attract more love in your life, there is a stone for that!

These natural gems will empower you with the right energy at the right time. Do some research on what each gemstone represents and how it can help improve your quality of life; then pick out one (or two) to start wearing today!