Jade Affirmations

Jade Affirmations for Meditation

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Jade is a healing crystal that has been used by many cultures for centuries. It is known to promote physical and emotional well-being, and can be helpful in meditation or saying affirmations. Jade is a stone of the heart that brings love and good fortune to its owner. It can be used for any type of healing but works especially well with emotional issues, such as stress relief and insomnia.

Jade makes a wonderful addition to meditation or prayer. You can hold the crystals in one hand as you visualize positive, life-changing thoughts. It is best to choose a thought that lasts between five and fifteen minutes so that it will have time to absorb into your mind. This session can be repeated daily for best results.

Jade is a wonderful choice if you are looking to increase your energy, happiness, and peace at work or home. It will support your ability to make changes in your life that will be most beneficial. The person who chooses jade as their ally will realize how powerful they really are!

You can also use your green jade crystals with other crystals to increase the physical and health benefits of taking their energies.