Woman Wearing a Moonstone Bracelet

Moonstone Pairings and Similar Stones

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Moonstone is a stone of the mind and intuition, enhancing psychic abilities. It can bring clarity to situations that seem confusing or impossible to comprehend. Moonstone also helps one see the truth in their actions and motivations, giving them insight into what they may be doing wrong or how they might improve themselves.

There are many stones that can help you to boost your intuition as well as improve your psychic abilities. There are hundreds of metaphysical properties associated with the moonstone crystal which is why it is so popular! If you combine this wonderful gemstone with another powerful stone, you will be able to benefit even more from its positive vibrations.

For example, the moonstone is a stone that will help you to be in touch with your intuition. The moldavite has a very strong metaphysical property that combines well with the moonstone and this combination will allow you to be more in touch with your psychic gifts.